cypress-ntlm-auth 401 Unauthorized Response

TLDR; Be sure to only run cy.ntlmReset() after all requests in a test are completed. Recently we started to experience intermittent 401 unauthorized errors when our Cypress tests were executing on our build server. These errors were intermittent because they were timing dependent. We've been using a library with Cypress that allows it to authenticate … Continue reading cypress-ntlm-auth 401 Unauthorized Response baseUrl

TLDR; To help make your tests more reliable and prevent unexpected issues, organize Cypress tests around a single FQDN and don't switch between different target URLs during a test execution. Cypress Journey Recently I've been spending some time improving an existing test suite and writing tests in Cypress is an excellent framework for developing … Continue reading baseUrl

IIS ASP.NET Core Hosting Bundle 500.19 Error

TLDR; Re-install the latest hosting bundle; Recently I was upgrading the IIS ASP.NET Core Hosting Bundle to ensure the server had the latest patch release (3.1.8). Just to keep the server installations clean, I wanted to also remove all the previous versions of the core hosting bundle so that I only had the single required … Continue reading IIS ASP.NET Core Hosting Bundle 500.19 Error

Troubleshooting CORS Issues in ASP.NET Core Web API

Correctly configuring cross-origin resource sharing can be challenging. This post covers common CORS issues encountered while setting up a local development environment with ASP.NET Core Web API. Disclaimer:  I am not an expert in configuring cross origin resource sharing (CORS).  This post is intended to be for learning purposes only and is not a guide … Continue reading Troubleshooting CORS Issues in ASP.NET Core Web API

Linux Style Line Feeds in Docker Desktop on Windows

Recently I was creating a new image using a dockerfile and encountered a very strange error during the build: ./ 1: ./ Syntax error: word unexpected The cause of this wasn't obvious and it took me a little bit to understand what was happening. It turned out to be a line ending compatibility issue between … Continue reading Linux Style Line Feeds in Docker Desktop on Windows

The Art of Small Pull Requests

Why should I make my Pull Requests small? Just like small change sets make deployments easier and decrease risk, submitting a small set of changes for review in your git pull request (PR) improves code quality, feedback, and understandability. Have you ever gotten a PR assigned to you where changes span a large number of … Continue reading The Art of Small Pull Requests

Team City: Leverage Snapshot Dependencies

We used to rely solely on artifact dependencies and finish build triggers in TeamCity to coordinate build chains. This was simple and worked well, but as our builds grew in complexity, this approach began to break down. We started experiencing slow, brittle, and less reliable builds. It was also difficult to ensure that the same … Continue reading Team City: Leverage Snapshot Dependencies

SQL Server Spatial Types and nUnit

I was recently working on a .NET 4.6 based project that was using EF 6 and nUnit for unit testing. While setting up some integration tests against a local SQL database I was receiving this error: Spatial types and functions are not available for this provider because the assembly 'Microsoft.SqlServer.Types' version 10 or higher could … Continue reading SQL Server Spatial Types and nUnit

Presentation on Progressive Web Apps

I recently gave a presentation on Progressive Web Apps at a local user group.  I am really excited about the future of PWA technology!  Although these technologies are extremely new, I believe they will be critical for web application development in the near future and will greatly improve the application experience for both users and developers. … Continue reading Presentation on Progressive Web Apps

Effective Angular Testing

Angular provides a lot of great tools for testing your application. Unfortunately, this wide array of tools and different methods for testing can be confusing when you first start working with the framework. Having an understanding of how Angular's different testing tools and methods correspond to the traditional levels of automated testing will help you … Continue reading Effective Angular Testing