The Art of Small Pull Requests

Why should I make my Pull Requests small? Just like small change sets make deployments easier and decrease risk, submitting a small set of changes for review in your git pull request (PR) improves code quality, feedback, and understandability. Have you ever gotten a PR assigned to you where changes span a large number of … Continue reading The Art of Small Pull Requests

Team City: Leverage Snapshot Dependencies

We used to rely solely on artifact dependencies and finish build triggers in TeamCity to coordinate build chains. This was simple and worked well, but as our builds grew in complexity, this approach began to break down. We started experiencing slow, brittle, and less reliable builds. It was also difficult to ensure that the same … Continue reading Team City: Leverage Snapshot Dependencies

SQL Server Spatial Types and nUnit

I was recently working on a .NET 4.6 based project that was using EF 6 and nUnit for unit testing. While setting up some integration tests against a local SQL database I was receiving this error: Spatial types and functions are not available for this provider because the assembly 'Microsoft.SqlServer.Types' version 10 or higher could … Continue reading SQL Server Spatial Types and nUnit

Presentation on Progressive Web Apps

I recently gave a presentation on Progressive Web Apps at a local user group.  I am really excited about the future of PWA technology!  Although these technologies are extremely new, I believe they will be critical for web application development in the near future and will greatly improve the application experience for both users and developers. … Continue reading Presentation on Progressive Web Apps

Effective Angular Testing

Angular provides a lot of great tools for testing your application. Unfortunately, this wide array of tools and different methods for testing can be confusing when you first start working with the framework. Having an understanding of how Angular's different testing tools and methods correspond to the traditional levels of automated testing will help you … Continue reading Effective Angular Testing

Grok Git -Understanding the fundamentals

Ever felt confused when working with Git? Wish that it made more sense and you could leverage it more effectively? For the longest time I didn’t really understand the fundamentals of how Git was storing and tracking changes to my projects. I had a set of commands I would strictly follow every time I wanted … Continue reading Grok Git -Understanding the fundamentals

Why would AngularJS load $scope twice?

The other day I was working on an Angular project and noticed that my controller scope had loaded twice. I noticed this phenomenon using Batarang: Tip: Batarang is a great chrome developer tool plugin that helps a lot with debugging your Angular applications. Where in the world did scope.$id=2 come from? The rest of the … Continue reading Why would AngularJS load $scope twice?

Awesome Angular Controllers with ES6: 6 Easy Steps!

Anyone can write code that a computer can understand, it’s much more difficult to write code that other people can understand! Our team is always striving to make our code as easy to understand and intention revealing as possible. Using the new ES6 syntax and features can be a great way to improve your existing … Continue reading Awesome Angular Controllers with ES6: 6 Easy Steps!

Babel + Grunt === ES6 Now!

I’m really excited about all the great new JavaScript language features in EcmaScript 6 and I’ve been trying to figure out how I could use it in my day-to-day JavaScript work. However, even the latest browser versions only support a subset of the ES6 standard and it will probably be quite a while before they … Continue reading Babel + Grunt === ES6 Now!

Installing Redis on a Windows Workstation

Use these instructions at your own risk. As with all installations you should become familiar with the software and ensure it is setup and secured correctly. Recently I’ve been using Redis on some projects to provide a really fast and reliable in-memory, distributed cache and datastore. It’s easy to use and has been a blast … Continue reading Installing Redis on a Windows Workstation