The Art of Small Pull Requests

Why should I make my Pull Requests small? Just like small change sets make deployments easier and decrease risk, submitting a small set of changes for review in your git pull request (PR) improves code quality, feedback, and understandability. Have you ever gotten a PR assigned to you where changes span a large number of … Continue reading The Art of Small Pull Requests

Grok Git -Understanding the fundamentals

Ever felt confused when working with Git? Wish that it made more sense and you could leverage it more effectively? For the longest time I didn’t really understand the fundamentals of how Git was storing and tracking changes to my projects. I had a set of commands I would strictly follow every time I wanted … Continue reading Grok Git -Understanding the fundamentals

Assembly Versioning with Team City and Git

Why version your assemblies?Having version information on your assemblies that are deployed with your application can be useful for determining what code was actually used to create a compiled asset.  Unfortunately the default versioning msbuild provides during a compilation is not extremely useful.  You can enable auto-increment on the version numbers, but unless you track … Continue reading Assembly Versioning with Team City and Git